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Backpack Saskia
Saskia has a lot of practical compartments. In addition to a padded compartment for a 13-inch laptop, there are two outer pockets for water bottles, a removable small pocket for small items and a large zip opening on the front....
Shopping Basket Jana
Our little shopping queen Jana offers plenty of space for your shopping. Thanks to the insulation and the zip, the bag can be closed and less cold escapes. The inside of the bag can be cleaned quickly and easily thanks...
Shopping Basket Kathi
Our large shopping queen Kathi offers plenty of space for your weekly shopping. Thanks to the insulation and the zip, the bag can be closed and less cold escapes. The inside of the bag can be cleaned quickly and easily...
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Shopping Basket Betti
With Betti, you not only have a practical shopping basket, but also a matching cooling bag. Thanks to the large opening, which can be closed with a cord, nothing will fall out of the basket, no matter how full it...
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Cooler Lutz
1Lutz is our very large and light cooling bag. It offers you enough space to store drinks and food for a great day with your friends. Thanks to its insulation, your drinks stay cool for a long time and the...
Lunchbox Paula
Paula is our practical lunch box. Your food stays warm or cool thanks to the insulated bowl inside. Sensitive food, such as yoghurt, will safely reach its destination because the bowl is very stable and protects the contents well. Cutlery...
Kitchen Module Jutta
Our Jutta kitchen module offers plenty of storage space to store away food for the entire family. In addition to the spacious compartments, Jutta has a large work surface on which many delicious dishes can be prepared. Thanks to its...
Kitchen Module Nancy
Our Nancy kitchen module is easy to assemble and disassemble. Thanks to its unique folding mechanism, the module can be folded very flat and can easily be transported thanks to the handle. Nancy has enough space to store food and...
Table Johannes
Our Johannes table is a real family man. 6 people can be seated at it. It is the right choice for people who like having visitors or just like a lot of space. And yet the table can be stowed...
Table Jannik
The extendable Jannik table can be easily extended for a romantic candlelight dinner for 2 people to a large table for the whole family (4 people). Thanks to its aluminium frame, Jannik is very light and can be quickly assembled...
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Table Leonie
Our Leonie table is the perfect choice for small families or young couples who like to travel and want to be flexible. It offers enough space for up to 4 people and can be stowed away quickly and easily in...
Trolley Sabrina
Sabrina is our tyre miracle. With its PU tyres, you can pull Sabrina on any surface. So that the fully loaded cart does not roll away, it is equipped with two parking brakes. It offers plenty of storage space thanks...
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Trolley Annika
With a load capacity of up to 100 kg and its practical rubber wheels, you can take everything you need for a perfect day at the seaside in Annika. The pull-rod can be extended up to 80 cm, so tall...
Trolley Lena
Our smallest and lightest handcart. If things have to go fast, Lena won't let you down. You can set it up at lightning speed and it has an extendable handlebar that can be fixed to your car conveniently. The wheels...
Foot Stool Theo
Theo and Theresa are the perfect couple to offer you maximum relaxation. Theo is also a real all-rounder. It can be used not only as a leg rest but also as a stool. Facts and Figures Dimensions when unfolded: 44 x...
Recliner Theresa
Our Theresa high-back chair is a blessing for your back. With its special ergonomic padding, it supports your spine and offers you the greatest possible comfort. The backrest can be adjusted to seven positions. In addition, it has a load...
Recliner Diva
Our Diva is always good for a surprise. With it, you can sunbathe comfortably anywhere, because the backrest can be adjusted to three positions. It is also light and can be folded up to become small. Thanks to the carrying...
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Director Chair Emmy
Our sweet Emmy goes with her big brother Benedikt. Very much as its big brother, Emmy is our director's chair for children. It can be folded up to become small and has a load capacity of 60 kg. It is...
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Director Chair Benedikt
The Benedikt director's chair is our "strong guy": it has a load capacity of 150 kg. Thanks to the practical fold-out side table with cup holder, drinks can be placed conveniently. Benedikt can be easily transported with the two carrying...
Folding Chair Caro
"Less is more" is the slogan for our Caro folding chair. It weighs only 2.88 kg but can manage up to 120 kg. The chair can be folded up to become smaller and can be placed in every car boot....
Folding Chair Mila
Mila is more than just a folding chair. It is elegant, comfortable and does not take up much space. The armrests made of PU leather not only look stylish, they are also soft and comfortable. Mila is the best choice...
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Folding Chair Tobi
Our Tobi is a small, extremely light folding chair for children. It can be assembled and disassembled quickly and is very stable as it has a load capacity of 60 kg despite its size. Thanks to the child lock, Tobi...
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Folding Chair Emil
Our Emil folding chair is extremely comfortable. You just feel great sitting in this chair. With a weight of just 2.84 kg and a load capacity of 120 kg, Emil is perfect for active people who do not want to...
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