Why is it so important to be sustainable?

So that we don't continue polluting our environment unnecessarily and can continue to enjoy it as we do today, we must start acting now. 

It is particularly important to do something against this as more and more plastic and plastic bottles are ending up in the world's oceans and are destroying natural habitats there. That is why we at bel-sol have decided to use recycled PET material. In addition, we use e-coating to coat our frames, and we have developed a packaging concept that is entirely suited to protect the environment. 

From PET bottles to bel-sol chairs

We at bel-sol use a special material for our chairs, so-called RPET material, which is made from recycled PET bottles. This means that bottles no longer end up in the sea or on polluted beaches, but are further processed into fabrics. They are then used for chairs on which you can sit and enjoy nature. 

In the diagram below, you can see how the PET bottles are turned into fabric for our chairs. 

Recycling process: from PET bottles to bel-sol chairs

1. The PET bottles are collected and sorted by colour.

2. Next, the colourless bottles are shredded and washed. 

3. The clean PET pieces are heated and melted into pellets and then into flax. Then yarn is spun from the flax. 

4. The processed yarn is woven into a fabric and then imprinted with our bel-sol pattern.

The GRS certificate

The Global Recycled Standard certificate is a voluntary and internationally recognised certificate that records the exact proportion of recycled fibres and materials in a product. The GRS tracks the recycled material from the source to the end product in order to increase traceability and transparency in the supply chain.

The aim of the GRS certificate is to increase the proportion of recycled materials, to make supply chains more sustainable and transparent, and to reduce the negative effects of production on people and the environment.

From the pet bottle to the Bel-Sol Chair


Our production facility uses environmentally friendly e-coating to coat the frames. E-coating can save 16% energy compared to the old coating method, since heat pre-treatment is no longer necessary for the new coating method. Furthermore, it is also more resource-conserving and environmentally friendly because 5% less powder is wasted and 50% less environmentally harmful chemicals are used. The method uses less fresh water because the water is no longer mixed with chemicals and can therefore be used for further production steps. Another advantage is that the drying temperature can be reduced by 20 degrees during the drying process, thus saving energy. 

The packaging

Since we pay more attention to our environment not only as regards the materials and manufacturing processes, but also packaging, we use cardboard boxes that are imprinted as little as possible for transporting bel-sol products. The colours we use for printing are environmentally friendly.

Cardboard boxes in general can be recycled because they consist of cellulose, wood pulp and waste paper. The old cardboard boxes and packaging are shredded and then further processed to make new boxes. Colours and adhesives that are used for the design are problematic. These are often not very environmentally friendly. For this reason, we do without an elaborate packaging design with a foil-coated cardboard box that benefits our environment.

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